About us

 About Us

Anja Grell (AKNW) is the founder of “Architecture for Horse and Rider”.

Her background with horses goes back over 30 years with more than ten years of that in the field of natural horsemanship, making her an expert on the needs of horses for their well-being, comfort and happiness.

This lifelong passion combined with Anja's choice of profession in the field of architecture over 20 years ago made it a logical step to combine these two fields of expertise.

First joining forces with the company “Equine Facility Design” in the US more than 10 years ago, where she was a key part of the design team for four years, designing and planning equine projects of all sizes all over the United States and Kanada, in all fields of equine related sports, from Dressage to Show Jumping, to Western Working and Western Riding.

When Anja Grell returned to Germany in 2003 she founded her own design company “Architecture for Horse and Rider”.

Late in 2007 she accepted an offer to move to the Middle East (Dubai, UAE) to bring her expertise to ambitious projects in the region, combining residential developments with equine themed hotel resorts and luxury stables in the light of natural horsemanship, with the aim of training equine professionals with the goal of horses and humans in harmony.

This world wide experience provides Anja Grell with the expertise in designing stables fit for all different needs and climatic conditions.

Also being aware of the climate change it is her goal to design equestrian facilities with the environment in mind. Trying to find the perfect solution for your facility, considering feasibility and a small ecological footprint, as well as keeping natural resources in mind.