Services Offered

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Master Planning

  • Design Work (from conceptual design to construction drawings)

  • consultation for new design and remodeling, and or additions

Often times we are teaming up with other professionals either as a consultant or as the lead architect or as a design consultant working with other architectural firms, structural, civil, MEP and geotechnical engineers.


We may be involved in one or more, or even all phases of the work from the initial design to completion of your facility.

Research and Master Planning

this phase includes establishing existing conditions and planning requirements on a master plan level.

Design Development

This phase includes the site layout, preliminary building floor plans, elevations and sections, as well as preliminary cost estimates.

Permit Documentation

This phase includes all necessary documents for submission for building permits.

Construction Documentation

In the beginning of this phase several other consultants may be involved in the process like structural, civil, MEP, and geotechnical engineers to develop their part of the design / construction documents for submission for permit prior to the actual construction phase.

Project Management and Consultation

During the construction process our participation depends on the phasing, the selected contractors and on your involvement.

All or some of the professionals involved in the design and specifications are available and will assist you in decision making through the project.


1. Feasibility Studies

We consult with you prior to your purchasing or developing a piece of land for equine use, to assess the suitability of the land with regard to all important aspects like access, availability of utilities, surrounding uses, vegetation, micro-climate, topography, soils, and drainage.

We may visit the local planning office to research the application process, development issues, zoning and time required to gain approval for the project.

We will assess the feasibility of the site in regard to your desired development ideas or program.

2. Development Program

Most importantly we will listen to you.

We need to know about your plans, dreams, and goals and your background with horses.

We will translate your ideas into concrete, defined space and use requirements by refining and clarifying your visions together with you.

With the development program we will outline area requirements for buildings and outdoor areas.

We bring in our experience so you can see the aesthetical forms as well as the practical and functional aspects of your project.

We will set up and discuss your priorities for the development and a logical sequencing of the construction activities and if needed a staging of construction should you decide to get some aspects of your facility built later on.

3. Site Research

This phase includes gathering all available, and necessary information on the site.

This means getting any planning requirements for permitting, mapping existing structures and utilities.

Geotechnical information will be acquired for structural and drainage purposes.

An Assessment of existing vegetation will be done if applicable.

We will investigate about water levels, average precipitation and climate conditions.

On site mapping by a surveyor might be necessary if appropriate and accurate topographic

information is not available. The more accurate the information on the parcel boundaries and easement form is the more accurate we can be with the building design and bidding for construction.

Also information on required setbacks, environmental regulations, and specified, permitted land use on the property will be obtained within the site research as well as information on the process of obtaining approvals for construction.

4. Site Planning

This phase includes the analysis of characteristics of the land to determine the best location for structures and outdoor elements, like arenas, pastures, parking, trails, roads, manure storage/compost.

We select the safest points of access for pedestrians, equine and vehicular circulation. Also at this point the development program is translated into building footprint areas.

We will develop the best functional arrangement of uses on the site while assessing site impact and looking at possible alternatives to minimize cost or other issues.

This phase usually results in a master plan showing built-up areas and natural elements.


This phase takes the site planning to a more defined level, going into more detail of the areas to be built. We will develop dimensioned plans showing road placement and widths, location of entry, layout of gates and fences, placement of developed land features such as parking layout, location of paddocks and landscape areas, and building sizes and locations.


In this phase we will be working on placing the elements of the project in such a way as to best fit in with the existing contours of the property to minimize cut and fill.

Existing soil conditions may influence the placement of buildings to limit grading. Rainwater will be intercepted and rerouted from developed areas. If applicable we will work together with a civil engineer in design and coordination of storm water management, grading, erosion control, and/or underground utilities.


On all our projects the health and safety of horses and people is a major priority. We will refine the floor plans and building elevations from the development program of all buildings, including support services and storage structures for your equine operation.

We will assess the use, area and materials proposed with regard to building code limitations.

We will explain and discuss the different structural building types suitable for your project and the implied cost.

All our projects are being reviewed by a structural engineer who will also develop structural calculations and drawings where applicable.

We will discuss costs and materials as well as aesthetics and design functions with you throughout the complete design process.

We will also assist in remodeling or extending your existing facility according to your changed or growing needs.


By the development of the site, the beauty of it should be enhanced.

The careful siting of structures to work with the existing contours of the land is an integral part of our work. This includes gentle reshaping of the land to create the needed use areas, as well as considerate placement of roads and fence lines, new plantings to soften the introduction of buildings.

Through the use of landscape material views can be enhanced or screened, the micro-climate can be altered with wind buffers and shade.

If desired we will also design entry gates, signage, trails, viewing areas, shade structures and picnic areas.

Our goal is to create a healthy environment for horses and people to enjoy for a long time.


Our fees are mostly dependent upon the scope of work, the overall project cost and our involvement in the project.

Since every client, site, location, jurisdiction and budget is different we design to your specific needs.

Our services are usually charged on an hourly basis. For most projects we will develop a scope of work which will result in an estimate of hours and fees with a written contract for our services. There are always unpredictable elements in every project that can not be known in the beginning, according to those elements showing up the estimated fees might be reviewed and updated at the beginning of each phase.

Other expenses like printing are billed in addition to our hourly fees.